How to Use Phase Equilibria Diagrams Online
1. Welcome
  • Phase Online contains more than 23,000 critically reviewed phase diagrams with new content being added quarterly.
  • Phase Online is designed to be flexible to meet your needs with a wide variety of subscription plans available.
    • One day access to one or more diagrams
    • One month access to the full database
    • One year access to the full database
    • Multi-user access to the full database for one year
    • Library access via IP address authentication for one year
2. Accessing Information on Phase Online
  • Anyone may search the entire database using the search function on the home page. The search can be done by component, element, date, author, or figure number, with the resulting matching diagrams visible in a thumbnail viewing window. However, without a subscription, you will not be able to access the interactive functionality, the corresponding commentary, or the high-resolution views associated with the diagram.
  • To purchase a subscription, click on the Phase Online Catalog link (  ACerS members should use the promotional code ACERSP7 to receive member subscription pricing.
  • Once you have purchased a subscription plan, sign into the site. You will be directed to your “My Accounts” page, which will list your available subscriptions. Subscriptions are “time” based and valid for either one day, one month, or one year. However, the time clock on subscriptions does NOT start until after the purchase is made AND when you first access the subscription from your “My Accounts” page. Therefore, you could purchase multiple “one day” subscriptions and use them whenever it is convenient.
3. Free Demonstration:
  • You may view a free demonstration of Phase Online functionality prior to selecting a subscription. To test drive Phase Online, select the free Demo Diagrams at the bottom of the home page. The demo gives you full interactive and high resolution viewing functionality to selected diagrams within the Phase Equilibria Diagram Program’s Annual-92 volume.
4. Functionality:
  • With Phase Equilibria Diagrams Online, you can retrieve over 23,000 diagrams previously published in over 21 ACerS/NIST phase equilibria diagram volumes as well as 2,500 electronic diagrams.  Some of the functionality of the Phase Online product is outlined below:
    • Search commentaries and diagrams: by Chemical System, Published Author’s Last Name, Volume, Language, Publications Year, Figure Number.
    • View Diagrams: The diagram screen displays the corresponding diagram that the user has selected.
    • View Commentaries: The commentary screen displays a full view of Chemical System, Figure Number, Figure Notes, References, Commentary, Footnotes, and Contributing Editors' initials.
    • Diagram Manipulation: The user can manipulate the diagram on screen with the following actions: Zoom In, Zoom Out, Lever Rule, Curve Follow, Mirror, Mol% to Wt% or Wt% to Mol%, Built in Calculator.
    • Note: The content included in the ACerS-NIST Phase Equilibria Diagrams Online is copyrighted. While you are permitted to copy and paste a diagram for personal use, no part of this software or the content contained within can be used beyond the limits of Sections 107 and 108 of the U.S. Copyright Law without paying the appropriate fee to the Copyright Clearance Center or contacting The American Ceramic Society for permission.


5. Support Issues:

If you have a question concerning access to Phase Online or access to purchased subscriptions or other phase Web issues below are the details.

 General Inquiry:

  • The American Ceramic Society (ACerS)
    600 North Cleveland Ave, Suite 210
    Westerville, OH 43082
    Phone: 614-794-5829

Technical issues and queries: